Reebok’s new APP

Not to be confused with the evangelical Promise Keeper’s ministry,
Reebok’s new Promise Keeper App uses a different kind of peer-to-peer
. Reebok is betting that our social circles have the power to
move us into action. Considering recent online trends, odds are in
their favor.

So, this is how the app works. By entering your running schedule it
will send you reminders of your intended run. If you don’t run
(because you overslept, chose to watch TV, or preferred to spend your
time eating the last bag of twizzlers) then it will tell all your
friends about your lazy behavior. Shame on you. But if you complete
the run it will also tell your friends in the hopes that they will
send you motivational messages like ‘keep up the good work!’ or ‘way
to go!’

Overall, I really like the Promise Keeper concept (and could sure you
a bit of nudging and accountability when it comes to working out) but
the reality is I prefer to NOT clutter my friend’s social accounts
with updates on my running. It reminds me of annoying posts that
people put up on facebook about their 5:30 am 12 mile runs. That’s
great. Pat yourself on the back my friend. I’m afraid I’ll still be in

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