May 11, 2018 james

The Hounds Are Off to the Races

James, our copywriter, is an avid cyclist. Over the years, he’s raced for several teams including VCU and the Carytown Bicycle Company U25 development team. While he was in college, he worked as a bike mechanic and salesperson at several shops around town. Whenever possible, we tie our personal passions into our culture at work. So, this Spring, we decided to team up with Cutaway USA, an elite road cycling team based out of central Virginia.

As the team’s title sponsor, we’ll be helping them bolster their social media presence and develop new content. Amateur teams need all the help they can get and social media is a key way for teams like Cutaway to grow. Their sponsorships help pay for race fees, travel and equipment.


“The Cutaway/RTH alliance is awesome because Release the Hound’s style of working represents the pack mentality that is at the core of the Cutaway team, we’re excited to see where this partnership goes and what we can do as a unit to better our community,” says Johnny Phan, Cutaway team rider.

In exchange for our help, Cutaway cycling has promised to help us execute a couple social-good projects in the community. We’re in the process of dreaming up ways for the cyclists to use their talents to help people in our region. In the meantime, we’ll be posting photos of their races and training rides right here.


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